Mandarin / Chinese Classes in Bangalore

This was an accidental discovery. I was looking for Mandarin Classes in Bangalore for sometime now but couldnt find one for a longtime. Just chanced upon this corner ad in the newspaper and quickly enrolled for this. I can only guess why didnt I get this on google search possibly because it is called ‘Chinese Institute of Chennai’ 

Chinese Institute of Chennai was setup on the directiosn of N. Balakrishnan who is a Hong Kong Resident. They have been successfully conducting classes for a few years now. The Bangalore Center started just this year and already 3-4 batches have gone through the training. I attended the Level 1 course.

The Level 1 is for 40 hours split into 10 hours per weekend. The sessions are logical split into 4 parts and taught over 5 hours each on Saturday & Sunday. The course has a clear focus – making one comfortable with the day to day conversations in any Chinese City. It doesnt spend too much time in characters which by itself is a mammoth task. One gets to learn pronounciation in Mandarin which is one of the biggest challenges for self learning and teaches pinyin (phonetic representation of Chinese sounds).

The course covers a wide range of topics including how to introduce oneself, how to shop, how to do office conversations, how to order your food in a very systematic manner. It is not very didactic but more practise based. The most imporatant thing is one is compelled to sound out (funny as it may sometimes end up sounding) the words in front of the audience. It takes off a lot of inhibition of speaking Chinese which for the uninitiated looks like making faces.

Mandarin / Chinese has to be learnt in context. Chinese Institute of Chennai – Bangalore Centre (CICBC) has structured its course which utilises audio video content to best give the feel of China. Each day has a video session which describes different cities or different aspects of Chinese culture. There are Karaoke videos played for one to grasp the meaning of the songs with the subtitles.

The centre, albeit small, is run very professionally. The class room is air conditioned, equipped with audio-visual aids and has ample parking places around it for students.The small student – teacher ratio helps in better coordination and learning.

Level 1 courses are conducted 5-6 times per year and Level 2 on demand.

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get an introduction to China. Corporate sessions can also be arranged on request.Arun, the centre head is a very friendly person and is more than willing to guiding you with anything related to information on China.

This course is like a parachute; If suddenly dropped in China, for whatever reason, business or pleasure, be assured one will land safely and surive there! 

Contact Bangalore Center
No 129, 8th main,
19th Cross, CHBS Layout,
Opp BDA Complex, Vijayanagar
Bangalore 560 040
Phone: +91 98865 42488



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  1. Hi Ajay, I would like to clarify a doubt about the institute you have mentioned in your blog post. There is an institute called NiHao Bangalore which has posted a link to this article on their website []. I can clearly see that this article points to Chinese Institute of Chennai. Can you help me understand the link between two?

  2. Sorry to bother you…found out…both are the same 🙂

    Thanks for this review. It really helped me decide where to go!

  3. How do I learn Chinese in Bangalore. The numbers on the website dont seem to be right Please help.
    Geetha Menon

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