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IT & DeCoupling

The biggest impact IT made to the world and changed the way we eat, think, communicate or book tickets was due to a simple mechanism of decoupling information from material.Communicating has been one of the foremost of the human trait. Smoke signals was one of the earliest technologies for decoupling the speaker from the communication. A leap of ages brings us to telecommunication which in its own way revlolutionised the world. It was inconceivable in that age that a instant communication could happen without the communicator being in sight.

What is decoupling exactly? Every person or a material would have information associated with it. If it is feelings and opinioins for the former, it would shape size, taste colour etc. for the latter. To get the information the matter should be in sight or in some cases vicinity. To know how much the stone weighs, it should either be lifted by you or seeing its size you could take a guess. But what if that stone is somewhere in Antartica? So if I am able to get information of the person or the thing, without being there, then it is decoupling.

Continuing the story of telecommunication, the decoupling of the human and his voice was successfully done but what about material? The least you could do was tell watson that the acid burns viz you need an human intervention for decoupling. Now zooming into our own era, the decoupling is now complete. You dont need to be at the Bus station to know what time the bus is expected, you dont need to be at the airport to know what meals they serve on the flight. The information is fed either manually or automatically onto the system and is there for us to access. True decoupling indeed!

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MBAs & IT jobs

You like it or not IT is happening. No streams of education can ignore the potential of employement in IT companies. While I was about to quit my decently paying job of software engineer to pursue my MBA, I had decided to be back to IT for two reasons – because of my love for the field and simply because, it was the happening thing for Brand India. During my MBA , I was wondering what kind of IT jobs are available for MBAs. To look at it, it is good to first look at the IT opportunities

1. IT Product companies: These are the product companies like SAP, Peoplesoft, Talisma etc. How much of IT harping we do, we are still not concentrating on product development and to that extent there are fewer opportunties for MBAs in such companies. But, if you are stauch pro-India, pro-product person, you can explore a number of small IT product companies in India like Talisma, iFlex (OK, it is not that small). —I will update this list—-

Foreign companies are doing fewer product development work here. Wherever they are doing, it is more techie work that is executed out of India that any domain work. These companies are not exploring the open market to pick up MBAs for their project management work either.

2.System Integrators:

In layman terms, these are the ones know as ‘IT companies’. So all those top IT companies in India fall in this bracket. MBAs,engineers, CAs alike, the companies are sucking people. MBAs are definitely one of the prime targets. Oppportunities exist in form of Business Analyst (the domain guy), Marketing Exec, Project Manager etc. Pay is high and the onsite opportunities are fairly ok. But remember, the techie guy, any day, has better chances of going abroad than you.

3.IT User companies

Now this is an area not many people know and who know dont respect it. Almost third of the IT resource in India is on the payroll of IT user companies. All major corporate houses have their own IT departments. Some of the large companies like Godrej, take IT guys for the Management Trainee programs also. Since, most perceive IT as a support function, people to tend to ignore these jobs. But Organisation theorists who have been following the growth of IT have been repeatedly pointed out that IT would grow to be the strategic function of any business and that CIO would be as powerful as a traditional CMO or CFO.

4. Content Companies

I dont have a convincing case to suggest this area. But, if you closely watch, why IT has been able to pick up people from different streams, it is sheerly because IT needs the backbone of information and knowledge of the area for which it is the enabler. The first 2 categories of companies have tahen up the former and the latter (content) is still to be addressed. So I am sure that there would be need for content developers and managers. Loosely said, every dotcom is a content company. But how many of these are MBA type of companies…I am not sure. But what I am sure is that, it is the next place of opportunity

So the prospective MBAs could try to get into any of these companies. I will update the relevant lists in this blog

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