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This is a blog dedicated to the fun we had in B-School. We (ok, I) had created some jargons dedicated to some of the habits of my classmates. Some of these were relished by everyone including the person, some were disowned. Since it is free press, I will go ahead and publish it.

1. Agroism – To utter a totally bombastic statement to say a completely banal expression.

Dedicated to our Amit Agrawal, who thought that every one speaks English form sentences out of Barrons GRE word list

2. To do a Ladha – maxxing CP by hogging time

Ashish Ladha unwittingly became the pioneer of a trend in Corp Strat class where people realised that the more time you speak – sense or non-sense – you get marks for CP. I realised he never used it again but the name stuck

3. B***ics – to molest unsuspecting males in the hostel corridor.

I didnt take his permission to publish his name. So you take a guess

4. ‘G’ Limit – the minimum time of continous talking required to know how hollow you are inside

Every MBA has a G-Limit but unfortunately it is name after our Guptaji.

Usage: ‘His G-Limit is very high’
It means that he can bluff his way through for a long time. Only after his G-limit is reached you will know that he was just gassing you all through out. Units: Minutes

5. bite a Biscuit – fall from grace trying to act like a gentleman

it is more like faux paus but with greater intensity.

var: ‘to bite someone’s biscuit’ – being partner in crime but not take the infamy. Has anyone heard of Chetannath Shahdeo

6. XLence – an act with ‘no holds barred’ to protect one’s self interest

7. market – guys, any guesses?? (Also refer to GAC )

8. surdify (v) – to shock someone by pulling out a last moment wonder.

Dedicated to the lone Sardar of our class. if you guessed his grade based on the hours he slept and the carelessness, you will be suridified, Paaji was one of the top-rankers of our class

9. sarvo (v) – to get an undeserved failure

I was shocked to be sarvoed in the basic arithematic test.

Named after Ujju’s sole victim Sarvottam Kumar

10. to do a choudhary – to put inhuman efforts to reach a goal
Choudhary in SOM05 is a dangerous word each denoting a unique meaning representing the likes of Abhijeet, Binny, Durgesh, Suds et al… but this one is dedicated to none other than Chacha Choudhary

If you thought you have achieved human limit of working hard, please check out my neighbour he would have done 3 times more work on it.

11. Anup – living on the edge
No concidence that 10 & 11 are bundled together

12. Nirlay Paradox
It goes to the hall of fame of paradoxes. It describes the gap between theory and practice. About why things dont happen as taught in the books. We are waiting for a book on this paradox ‘What they didnt teach in SJMSOM’

Other related words

13. Gupta Coaching Centre: If you were to give the sum of all the grades, he helped people to achieve, he would have got atleast 180-200 CPI . Long live the King!

14. ‘Akela’ Amitabh Bacchan

15. Sangarsh Samitis

16. I didnt give a word for this incident where the person went and told Dr.Jain that he/she had done ‘real research’. I dont remember the course. Guys , someone help me .

Any comments / hate mail, please go ahead and exercise you freedom of speech like I exercised mine.

Any extra contributions, please mail me, I can add it with / without the name of the contributor.

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Which B-School is good?

Couple of times, people call me to seek guidance on B-School selection. If they ever know how I selected MINE, they would not ask me again. Thats a different matter, at least even if I didnt use it, I know how you choose B-Schools.

The most irritating question is ‘I got into SJMSOM, IITB; Is it good?’ For God’s sake man! I went to that school. What do you expect me to reply ‘Nah, thats not a good school’. People who ask this question dont know what they want to do, let alone which school to go. If I am patient enough, I ask them ‘What exactly you want to do?’ Not always, but somepeople come up with fairly decent answers and I am able to guide them. Lest anyone of you would actually ask me the foolish question, I am putting my personal opinion about choosing B-Schools.

If I had anyone of IIMA, B, C in my belt, I would care a damn about the rest of the B-Schools and whatever Outlook, BW and any run-of-the-mill magazine would rank. Not all are this lucky, if I had IIML, I, K – I would pounce on L. IIMI & K, I would examine my other options. Atleast, when I went to B-School, I would have easily given up I & K for my school. But today, I would think twice.

Once you cross IIMA,B,C and okay L. It is no more a standard scale! its about personal choices – what you want to specialise, what environment you are looking for. What jobs do you want to land into?

So herez the thesis: I & K . Upcoming IIMs, have been struggling to keep up with the older cousins. Way to go, in terms of quality of input, professors, level of activities and inevitable Alumni base! Although unnees-bees I would rate K higher than I. IIMK has its prescence felt more than IIMI among its peers for whatever reason. The beauty of infrastructure is unparallel amidst the hills and forest. It could quite be true recruiters go there for the ‘holiday’ and keep coming back.

JBIMS, NMIMS: Great schools, I have very good friends who slogged their way into it. But I would not have taken it, simply because all of us know apart from the cream, how the others get into them. So the ‘overall’ picture is not great. The crowd is slightly localised taking away the variety. But if you are freak-out kinds, they are in Mumbai, very open culture, good babes. you dont care anything about these, better look the other way.

SP Jain: Good positioning with good work-ex balance and some of the Mumbai benefits I mentioned above. Infrastructure sucks! If you are carried away by the picture of infrastructure in their glossy brochure, beware that is ALL they have. Shared rooms! please! But alumni base is sound with consistent efforts of the students and the faculty.

SJMSOM(IITB) & NITIE: I put them in the same bracket because both compete neck-to-neck. Both have the boring Engineers crowd, both try hard to convince the recruiters that they not ONLY have what they are known for – Systems and Operations, respectively. NITIE, wasnt on my list because of the irrelevant exam pattern they had. NITIE would not on my list now, because they have confused positioning and no USP, worst you get PG in Industrial Management.

SOM has some of its own problems, newer school and hence the smallest alumni base among the above ones. Is leveraging very well on the larger IITB community – whose success is the envy of everyone. IITB Infra – need I say more? Entrepreneurship – I place it the best. There have been fewer success stories but huge potential. You cannot learn about entrepreneurship anywhere better than the place which has the best technology incubator in the country. Brilliant people (stars of their engineering college) but I believe you would miss out on variety which is a huge plus in MBA. Academics is rigourous and the best thing is you get a masters degree. More here, I went to this school man, I ought to write more>>

IIT, B-Schools. Delhi is doing well because of the placements and the location. The other IITs have miles to go inspite of the best of their efforts.

ISB is one schools which I wouldnt have missed mentioning if I had written this last year. ISB has positioned itself so clearly – oldies school (just kidding). If you have more than 5 years work-ex, you can easily look at ISB as a good option. All the best schools ABC notwithstanding score poorly while handling high work-ex people, simply because of stupid trend of doing your MBA just after college.

Placements are good every where! India is booming man. See what do you want to in life and what environment you want to live in. Dont choose colleges by absurd numbers like ‘Intellectual Capital rating’ or because x school had 50k better salary average. Hold on buddy, are you going to a school to get a average salary!

Make the right choice, this is the stamp you would carry all your life!

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MBAs & IT jobs

You like it or not IT is happening. No streams of education can ignore the potential of employement in IT companies. While I was about to quit my decently paying job of software engineer to pursue my MBA, I had decided to be back to IT for two reasons – because of my love for the field and simply because, it was the happening thing for Brand India. During my MBA , I was wondering what kind of IT jobs are available for MBAs. To look at it, it is good to first look at the IT opportunities

1. IT Product companies: These are the product companies like SAP, Peoplesoft, Talisma etc. How much of IT harping we do, we are still not concentrating on product development and to that extent there are fewer opportunties for MBAs in such companies. But, if you are stauch pro-India, pro-product person, you can explore a number of small IT product companies in India like Talisma, iFlex (OK, it is not that small). —I will update this list—-

Foreign companies are doing fewer product development work here. Wherever they are doing, it is more techie work that is executed out of India that any domain work. These companies are not exploring the open market to pick up MBAs for their project management work either.

2.System Integrators:

In layman terms, these are the ones know as ‘IT companies’. So all those top IT companies in India fall in this bracket. MBAs,engineers, CAs alike, the companies are sucking people. MBAs are definitely one of the prime targets. Oppportunities exist in form of Business Analyst (the domain guy), Marketing Exec, Project Manager etc. Pay is high and the onsite opportunities are fairly ok. But remember, the techie guy, any day, has better chances of going abroad than you.

3.IT User companies

Now this is an area not many people know and who know dont respect it. Almost third of the IT resource in India is on the payroll of IT user companies. All major corporate houses have their own IT departments. Some of the large companies like Godrej, take IT guys for the Management Trainee programs also. Since, most perceive IT as a support function, people to tend to ignore these jobs. But Organisation theorists who have been following the growth of IT have been repeatedly pointed out that IT would grow to be the strategic function of any business and that CIO would be as powerful as a traditional CMO or CFO.

4. Content Companies

I dont have a convincing case to suggest this area. But, if you closely watch, why IT has been able to pick up people from different streams, it is sheerly because IT needs the backbone of information and knowledge of the area for which it is the enabler. The first 2 categories of companies have tahen up the former and the latter (content) is still to be addressed. So I am sure that there would be need for content developers and managers. Loosely said, every dotcom is a content company. But how many of these are MBA type of companies…I am not sure. But what I am sure is that, it is the next place of opportunity

So the prospective MBAs could try to get into any of these companies. I will update the relevant lists in this blog

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Patriotism and the jobs

I am really appalled by the cliche emanating from so many quarters in response to the placement at IIMA. I am passing out MBA and I have been going through all those articles describing the ‘desh-ki-dharti’ feeling. For God sake, does somebody know whats happening here in our country?

Last year, when an IIMA grad decided to give up an MNC job and start a school, that was a time we should have all stood up and applauded him for doing something differently. But painting the choice of one student who gave up Bain & Co job in Singapore to take up BCG job in Mumbai, as an act of patriotism would invite snickers from the fairly informed junta. The point here is not Singapore and Mumbai, chances are that one at each of these jobs may end up spending more time in the other’s location. The point is both are MNCs and both these places are emerging markets, the latter more attractive. So perhaps a student in Europe given a choice between these 2 jobs, would happily take up the Mumbai job simply because India is an emerging market with huge growth potential, the salary in PPP terms is lot better than the Singapore job…God! please keep the patriotism out of it.

Even an unpatriotic person would have taken the job merely because of his market sense. Gone or the days of ‘quality-of-life’ issues. Mumbai roads may not be as good as the NY roads, but you get the same Chevrolet, Mercedes, Saturns here on the road. There were time ‘quality-of-life’ argument held water because we were a closed economy. We are no more now.

Please stop glamourising the ‘India-choices’ of the B-School grads. The decisions are more based on green than the tricolour.

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