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KL International Marathon 2008

30th March 2008; Start Time: 4:30AM; Location: Merdeka Square, KL.

It was a freak IIT discussion which enthused me to start running long distances. I ran the 7km run in Mumbai that year and once more in the following year. The 10km KL Marathon was my third run. This time, not worrying to catch the local train home, I decided to spend some time cheering the 21/42 km runners who were finishing after my ‘small’ run. It was a fantastic experience.

I couldnt see the first 50 finishing the race but I watched the rest till 3:30 hrs (closing for 21km run) & 5:20 hrs (when the cute girl finished her run) and I realised that the run is such a mind over body activity – it was more a mental activity than physical. It is not a competitive activity, many people run for the sense of achievement of completing a normally ‘unthinkable’ task (I hope you dont think of running from PJ to your office in KLCC everyday); for many it is a refreshing fun activity done in groups; for others it is for a cause. I have just run those little runs just for heck of it.

Today I saw a person dragging his feet to the finish line and collapsing as soon as he finished; a couple holding hands and finishing the race together; an old man painfully dragging is worn out knees; a middle-aged guy who would have normally collapsed somewhere mid-way obviously with his determination finishing off the complete run! It was really a moving experience. The excitement among people was very palpable and infectious.

For me running of the marathon was a sight-seeing experience. What normally whizzes past when you are driving, I could see it in slow motion and the highways normally inaccessible for pedestrians was thrown open for running.

KL International Marathon is an annual event organised by AmBank. You can find more information at

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